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Welcome to Axis Powers Hetalia Latinoamérica, an english communit dedicated to all the latin-american countries that figure and don't figure at the popular manga of Hidekaz Himaruya, Axis Powers Hetalia.

In this community we are open to the dialogue and to have a great moment while we share works and opinions.

Hope to see you around!

Have a nice day,
hetalia_latina's community.


1.- We are all human beings and we deserve respect. Avoid fighting seriously over petty things (we are all grown up for this stuff).

If you have troubles with a user contact an available administrator or moderator.

2.- The community was inspired by latin_hetalia and born due a request. This community is in English only. latin_hetalia is in Spanish only.

3.- To publish fanart or fanfiction use the following code:

Copy and paste the code at HTML tab and presto, instant entry.

All the entries must be labeled, just writing the initial letters of the words make them appear. To avoid problems all the Spanish names of the countries have been translated to English (So, for example, “Perú” is “Peru”, thus making it easy for you to not want to pull your hair due the stressed syllable).

Just only one entry per day. This is done to avoid, if it ever happens, spamming the users’ friends list.

4.- The theme of your entries must be related to the Latin-American countries. This doesn’t means that you cannot include the original characters in them but that the main focus has to be the Latin countries.

It is not allowed to make political debates, neither about religion or controversial subjects (for example, abortion or death penalty). There are plenty of communities out there that are more prepared for this kind of debated and hetalia_latina is not one of them.

It doesn’t mean you cannot include these works in your subjects because Hetalia does include them. It is quite simple: all the subjects can hurt people and Hetalia can make you have fun or have an awful time. If you are going to make a work related to one of these subjects, do it seriously, being mature and giving it the respect it deserves and having in consideration that one’s rights end in the other’s rights.

The theme of your entries cannot go against LJ’s ToS (And to avoid problems: according to WHO everyone who is younger than 15 years old or has 15 years old is taken as a child, and considering all the massive chaos that ensued years ago about depicting children in sexual situation could be or could not be considered as pedophilia even if they were fictional, we have decided to forbid works that involve children in sexual situations to protect the community from being purged or erased).

5.- If you would like to use the characters outside the community ask their owners first.

The characters listed at this community belong to each one of their authors with all their included rights
. They made them and they are lending them to us to fool around with them.

To not ask for permission to use the bathroom at someone else’s house looks bad. It also looks bad when you don’t ask to use them outside (we don’t bite, don’t fear us).

If you would like to use another character that is not listed you may do so. The characters listed are consented versions when it comes to personalities and designed by each author (or in other words: the personality is given to a selected design). If you don’t like the representation of a country you can use yours (but it has to be your design, please, we no longer want problems) to substitute it.

The characters were inherited from the mother community, latin_hetalia, and are currently under a heavy change.

6.- If you would like to announce your community here, please, tell the administration first. If you have announced before you are free to announce again (but one entry per day, please).

We hope you enjoy the community <3
The Administration.

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All the works presented at this community belong to their respective authors as well as their ideologies.
The Administration lacks of political, religious and controvertial subjects ideologies and we will remain neutral.

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